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Patient-Centred Data & Research Platform

After six years of research & testing, OnTracka offers your customers a patent-pending proprietary data collection tool to benchmark a new standard in the quality and the delivery of Mental Health, Research & Cannabis Therapies.

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About us

At OnTracka, we are driven by a mission to discover the potential to understand how you can feel your best



Chad Walkaden

Stage IV Cancer Survivor

Our Why?

OnTracka is the result of a Stage IV Cancer Survivor from Australia being on a mission to stop millions of people unnecessarily suffering as a result of being let down by traditional healthcare.

Our founder, Chad is one of the lucky ones. Being faced with a terminal diagnosis as a 29-year-old forced him to dedicate his life to finding the best way to improve his chances of living better longer.

Initially, his focus was to work with his oncologist to outline the available treatment options. But, he knew this was not enough. Chad needed more and he started changing his nutrition, exercise and commenced alternate health strategies like meditation. While this made him feel better, the cancer still returned and his side-effects from the chemotherapy continued. Then, a combination of medical cannabis and immunotherapy was added to his life.

From this moment, improvements to his quality of life transformed him from a person dying of cancer to a young man on a mission to make his pain, losses and experiences matter for others needing solutions, strategies and support with their own health.

OnTracka is the end result of Chad’s ongoing commitment to transcend his own health challenges by pioneering the way you use pharmaceutical medicines, cannabinoids and other forms of integrative medicine. He is a qualified forensic social worker and a mental health specialist that has been published in Discoveries Journal, the Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Digestive Disorders and was invited to speak at 26th Annual Congress into Cancer Science and Targeted Therapies.

You can read about his unwavering commitment to be transparent about his work by clicking here


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