NEW Cannacare Rx Sleep Support Patch 5 Pack



MELATONIN + CBN are commonly used as a natural sleep aid.

Aevum Transdermal Patches will have you feeling better all day long. With up to 48 hours of relief, you’ll want to keep a ready supply on hand.


Why are Cannacare Rx patches different? Plain and simple, it’s the technology.

  • Referred to as a transdermal patch, a specialty adhesive delivery system enables the active ingredient to flow (diffuse) through the skin directly into the bloodstream.
  • The active ingredient is housed in the adhesive.
  • The adhesive is formulated specifically for the active ingredient to maximize the diffusion into the bloodstream.
  • Active ingredient passes directly to the bloodstream, by-passing the GI tract and stomach. FDA studies show that “when you take a pill, 80-90 % of medication is destroyed by liver and GI tract” even as you ingest 100% of the dose, many times a day. With a patch, the active ingredient goes through the skin directly into bloodstream without losing any medication.



Long chain polymer acrylic adhesive (latex free), Melatonin, DMSO, CBN (Cannabinol)


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