Gut CBD Tincture


The Gut Tincture was formerly known as “Fit”. This is the same formula but we gave it a new name!!


The TrueMedX Gut Tincture is designed to support a Healthy Gut.

Gut is a natural formula combining fruit oils rich in polyphenols and Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids which promotes the health and function of the digestive tract, with scientifically-formulated and patented TrueMedX Gut.

Made with all natural wholesome ingredients:

  • Cranberry Oil
  • Pomegranate Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Broad Spectrum Cannabinoids

For extra Gut Health Support use this tincture in combination with the TrueMedX Gut tablets to promote proper intestinal bacteria balance, immune system health, and help soothe discomfort from occasional bloating, gas buildup, and indigestion.*

“TrueMedX is a provider of dietary supplements.  Dietary supplements do not cure diseases.  Dietary supplements do support natural body processes.  TrueMedX products are dietary supplements and have not been evaluated for safety.  Customers should be aware of ingredients and any potential allergies or other issues.  Mr Paul is not a physician and any advice offered by Mr. Paul should be discussed with your physician.”



Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Full Size, Sample

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